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​In 2013, foster mom, Michele Austin decided to open up a foster closet in her own home, she wanted other families to have access to items that foster kids were in need of. She knew first hand that often times, kids enter the foster care system with nothing but the clothes on their back. She researched to see if there were any services available in her area, but there were none. Michele decided to start her own organization thus the Foster Closet of Michigan – Oakland County Branch was created. Michele eventually became president of the Foster Closet of Michigan which included many branches around the state. 

 As the closets began to grow, each closet decided to transition into their own 501(c)(3) entity, and in May of 2018 the Oakland County Foster Closet opened.

The closet in Oakland County continued to grow by leaps and bounds. Donations came in, people all around were excited to help and happy to see needs being met. The Foster Closet eventually moved into an office building with different rooms. People loved donating to the closet, as they liked knowing that their items were going back to those in the local community for free! Volunteers loved knowing that their time and help made a direct positive impact on the foster families right in their own neighborhoods and cities!

In 2022, OCFC expanded within the office building adding two more rooms giving much needed room for inventory but OCFC has outgrown the space and is in need of a larger one. 


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