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We are raising money to keep our doors open- our biggest expense is paying our monthly rent.

We have many "sorting" days at the closet, where volunteers get together to sort and organize items that have been donated to us!

We have many volunteer options available such as one-time, or once-in-a while volunteer options for individuals and groups. We have special event volunteers who want to help at events such as our back to school event or our Christmas party. We have weekly volunteer spots available, if you are able to commit a few hours a week, we can get you on our weekly schedule! Please call (248-419-4487) us for more information on volunteer opportunities.


Want to make a Donation?

Here is a list of items we accept:

Please note we only collect items that are in-season - fall/winter items in the cold months (August - March) & spring/summer items in the warmer months (April-August).  All items must be freshly laundered. Nothing torn, broken, ripped, stained, with holes, smells, or unwashed, will be accepted.

  • New or very gently used Clothing (Preemie - Teenage), New or very gently used Shoes

  • Coats

  • Snow Pants/Snow suits

  • Boots

  • Non-Drop down Cribs (all parts should be labeled, we suggest using masking tape, ex. part 1/5 part 2/5 etc.)

  • Toddler beds/Crib Mattress’

  • Any type of Stroller

  • Unexpired Car seats/Booster Seats

  • High Chairs/Booster Seats

  • All Baby Items

  • Halloween Costumes - (to be donated in Sept. & Oct.)

  • Packs of Socks

  • Packs of Underwear

  • Bikes

  • Hygiene Products

  • Luggage

  • Duffel Bags

  • New or very gently used Books

  • New or very gently used Pajamas

  • New or very gently used Outfits

  • Toiletries

  • Homemade Items: Blankets and Pillow Cases

  • Any items a child may need or want - (Toys should be labeled and packaged in a way that is easy for families to see. Please note we don't accept toys that are broken, or missing parts/pieces)

Be sure to check out our wishlist on Amazon, and select us as your Amazon smile charity!


Donate time, clothes, money... we take it all.

How can you help?

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