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Items Needed: 

Here is a list of items we accept: Be sure to check out our Wishlist on Amazon, and select us as your Amazon smile charity!​

Donation drop off days and times have changed. Please do not leave items outside our entrance!

Mondays from 10-2

Please note that anything in need of cleaning will be turned away.

Please note we only collect items that are in-season - fall/winter items in the cold months (August - March) & spring/summer items in the warmer months (April-August).  All items must be freshly laundered. Nothing torn, broken, ripped, stained, with holes, smelly, or unwashed, will be accepted.

  • Clothing (preemie - teenage) New or very gently used 

  • Coats New or very gently used 

  • Strollers all types except jogging ones.  Please clean before donating

  • Unexpired car seats/booster seats- Please clean before donating

  • High chairs/booster seats Please clean before donating

  • All baby items Please clean before donating

  • Bedding (twin and full sheets, comforters, new pillows, protective mattress pads, blankets)


One of our 'sister' closets in another county posted this after receiving a donation of some very soiled baby equipment. I thought the following guidelines would be great to share.

Here are some simple guidelines for donating to Foster Closets:

1. If you are getting rid of it because you don’t have all the pieces, we can’t use it either.

2. If you are getting rid of it because it’s dirty to the point of no return or don't have time to clean it, we can’t use it either.

3. If you are donating it because it’s broken or torn, we can’t use it either.

4. If you are donating it because you would never let your kid use it, most likely, neither will someone else & we can’t use it either.

5. If you are cleaning out your kids rooms, don’t mix trash & donation items in one bag. Use two separate bags & only donate the usable items, not the combined trash & clothes.

6. If you are donating it because the item is recalled or unsafe, we can’t use it either.

CLEAN EVERYTHING  Kids in foster care or whose parents are struggling deserve to have nice things just like any other kids & that is what we strive to achieve!

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